Swimming Pool Humor

November 6, 2015

So, some pool signs just need to be shared.

They’re funny, but definitely get the point across.

2015-07-20 18.33.52

And this one has to be my favorite.

2015-07-20 18.34.37

May God bless your socks off!




October 17, 2015

Sometimes, as we’re driving along, we something that makes us want to take a picture, just because it’s so random.

2015-05-31 18.15.11

Like this airplane in front of the Don Q Inn where we stopped for a quick, much needed break in Missouri.

2015-06-14 15.35.06

Or this guy, just passing through at a rest area in Missouri.

2015-06-21 13.13.56

I turned us around and went back, just so Tim & the kids could see this bike statue in South Dakota, while on our way to see Custer State Park.  I knew they’d love it.

2015-07-09 12.27.36

And finally this.  I think someone told us that it’s a “Big Boy” statue that seems to be part of a fast food chain somewhere.  However, it definitely looked out of place in a field in Wyoming.

UPDATE (11/9/15): We just saw another Big Boy statue in a town in Oklahoma. (I think, it’s been quite the week.)  I’d have posted another picture but we went by it too quick & we had the camper attached.  This one was on a pole near a strip mall.

May God bless your socks off!



October 7, 2015

Tunnels!  I love tunnels!

2015-07-04 11.41.41

God bless your socks off!


Coronado Heights Castle, Kansas

May 20, 2015

Yes, there is a castle in Kansas.

Granted it’s only a little over a hundred years old, but it’s a castle!

2015-05-12 11.58.36

First history.  Coronado was a Spanish Conquistador from Mexico City.  Someone told him that there was gold somewhere north, so he decided to go try and find it.  (He never really did find it.)  Coronado got as far as Kansas before going back to Mexico.

Someone decided, in the 1800’s, to build the castle in the spot where they thought he came.

2015-05-12 12.01.38

I love castles, so it was really cool.

2015-05-12 11.59.43

This was pretty much the inside of the castle.  There was an entryway with stairs going up to the top and then there was this room.  To the left there was a short wall parallel with the back wall that was a fireplace.  And someone had actually used it recently.  So that was kind of cool.

2015-05-12 12.04.56

There are some outer buildings, but we didn’t have time to truly explore them.  The road to it needs a little TLC, but it wasn’t bad to get the camper up there and down.  I am glad though that it wasn’t super touristy, or during the summer or there would have been more people trying to get up and down the road.  We took up a lot of the road.  For me, it was definitely worth the stop.

May God bless your socks off!


Metropolis, Illinois: Home of the Superman Musuem

June 28, 2014

Hello again from the road!

Yesterday we went to the Superman Museum!  I don’t know how many times we’ve passed this.  Every time we have gone through this area, we were always either in too much of a hurry to stop or too late in the day.

2014-06-27 16.32.41

2014-06-27 16.56.24

My superman and one of my crazy kids…

While we went into the Superman Museum & store, we didn’t actually go into the museum… or buy anything, actually.  I don’t know how many museums we’ve skipped and just gone into the gift shop.  Eventually the kids are going to start noticing.  😛

2014-06-27 16.58.18

May God knock your socks off!


St. Louis Arch

June 28, 2014

Our first stop was to see great friends that we haven’t been able to see since before Super Man was born.  (Hi Zechins!!!)  After spending the day catching up we were on the road again and stopped to see the Arch.

2014-06-26 18.09.13

From the outside…

2014-06-26 19.15.47

And the inside…

I knew it was worth the expense when I heard from E-Man’s lips, “Wow!  This is Awesome!”

2014-06-26 19.24.31

I think the kids enjoyed the tram almost as much as seeing the view from the top.

2014-06-26 19.08.28

May God bless your socks off!


Valentine Pajama Party

June 11, 2013

I know this is a little late getting out, since it’s June!  But, I wanted to blog about it anyway.

Usually for Valentines Day we offer to watch other people’s kids.  It’s something we like doing and we honestly don’t care when we celebrate Valentines Day.  I usually ask 2 or 3 families and have about 5 extra kids.


This year I extended it out to 4 families and had 8 extra kids.  Crazy, but definitely fun.



We had fresh veggies & fruit, popcorn, pretzels, cheese and crackers and then we went on to our game.

I had a short scavenger hunt like game.  Every stop, they had a balloon with directions with something to do.


In this one, they had to use patience in getting the puzzles all together, then they could read the next clue.  In one they had to sing Jesus loves me, in another they had to say something they liked about someone.  Finally, they got to end and their prize.


A heart shaped cake!

Then it was their choice, they could play, do crafts or watch a movie until it was time for their parents to pick them up.

I hope the kids had as much fun as Handsome Hubby and I did.

May God bless your socks off!