Mount St. Helens, WA KOA Kampground

2015-07-27 16.41.15

This was another super fun campground at which we stayed.

(Grammar police got into me, sorry.  Oh, and no, I didn’t spell campground wrong in the title; that’s how they spell it.)

2015-07-27 16.36.00

We had beautiful weather, the playground was fun and not too far away from us.  They had blackberry bushes to munch next to the dog area, so Handsome Hubby ate plenty.

2015-07-29 19.08.33

The bouncy house was up for several hours a day.  This one was for ages 5 and under.  I don’t know why we never got a picture of the one for older kids.

2015-07-27 18.12.35

They had a fun rec room with all kinds of things for kids and adults to do.

2015-07-29 19.37.32

And while we did take advantage of the rec room, we tended to hang out at the blackberry patch or the bouncy house.  We got enough blackberries that I might have made a pie or even jam.  However, they never lasted long enough for that.

2015-07-29 19.37.40

May God bless your socks off!



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