Here are some of the more famous things we saw from Yellowstone.

Waterfalls is one thing that the park is know for.  We didn’t do a lot of hiking to see some of the bigger ones, but we did see a couple smaller ones.

2015-07-07 19.28.39This is Gibbon Falls.  I don’t think anyone but Tim & saw this one.  The rest didn’t want to get out of the car, or couldn’t.  I don’t remember which.

2015-07-07 12.37.49

This is a roadside waterfall.  This was the first thing we saw in the park.

Old Faithful.  Need I say more?

2015-07-07 16.35.22

We waited a good half hour to an hour to see this.

Geysers are another famous attribute of Yellowstone in which “Old Faithful” is the most famous.

2015-07-07 20.43.27

This is a picture of Sulfur Cauldron.  The geyser itself is right about Caleb’s head, but what I especially like about this picture is their facial expressions.  No one ever tells you how awful the geysers smell.  It smells a bit like rotten eggs or someone passing gas in your face, constantly.  Thankfully, some places are not as smelly as others.

2015-07-07 14.50.22This is the West Thumb Geyser.  This is pretty much all it did.  I don’t think it ever did any more.  Still, it was neat to see.

2015-07-07 17.30.01

I think this is a great representation of the Upper Geyser Basin.  There were more geysers like “Old Faithful” that smoked, some that didn’t and even one that went off right about the time we saw “Old Faithful” go off again.  But the land around everything was orange or rusty and some places that were a clear or a pretty teal color.

The “Artist’s Pots” or “Paint Pots” is an area were the pools of water are colored in almost erie colors.

2015-07-12 13.38.58

This is in the “Paint Pots” area, but wasn’t really one of the pots.  However, this was the kids favorite spot.  It bubbled up like hot mashed potatoes and the bubbles splatted hot clay in every direction.  The kids thought this was hilarious, especially Seth.

2015-07-12 13.51.51

Here’s an example of a red pot.

2015-07-12 14.08.32

And here’s an example of a blue one.

And finally, here is Yellowstone Lake.

2015-07-07 13.23.28The cool thing we found out about Yellowstone Lake is that it’s the biggest lake in the world, at mountain elevation.

May God bless your socks off!



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