Yellowstone – The not so famous stuff

2015-07-07 20.31.01

When I think of Yellowstone, I think of “Old Faithful”, gorgeous landscapes, and erie colored pools.

2015-07-07 19.06.15

What I didn’t expect was to see things like this: tree graveyards, that have just started to come back to life.  Fire rages in the park on a regular basis, though we didn’t see any.

2015-07-07 11.31.14

What I like about this picture, is what you really can’t see.  Right outside the park, people live their normal lives.  It’s sort of a “Well, duh!” But it’s something you don’t think about.

2015-07-07 20.15.20

The animals were something else I didn’t think about.  I guess, I expected to see animals.

2015-07-07 20.23.43

But I never thought I’d see this guy.  And no, this is not in a gated park.  This guy/girl was just passing through.  There was a ranger near by to make sure no one got hurt – the people or the bear.

2015-07-07 12.19.57

And… the front gate – you never think of that either.

2015-07-07 13.19.20May God bless your socks off!


2015-07-07 19.58.15


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