2015-07-03 12.55.00

Wyoming, oh Wyoming.

2015-07-03 11.03.38

I haven’t totally decided whether I love Wyoming or hate it.  I think I’m leaning more towards love.  I thought the landscape was absolutely beautiful.  Of course, the kids may have thought it was totally boring.  I can see why Wyoming is ranch country.  The wind gets sweeping down and not much can withstand it’s force.  Perhaps though, that’s just what I see.

2015-07-03 11.31.58

We saw what we thought to be snow fences, which made us think that the winters there might be intense.  Though, i suppose the locals may not think it’s that bad.

2015-07-03 11.47.17

The dandelions get big there.

2015-07-03 11.39.09

And every so often you see a random butte (pronounced byout, not but).  It just means random tall hill out of no where with sloping sides and a flat top.  It’s kinda neat to see.

2015-07-03 12.57.18

May God knock your socks off!



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