Minute Man Missile & Wall Drug, SD

So, we visited the Minute Man Missile  sight near the badlands.

It was interesting to learn about how the men & women lived that, if the need should arrise, would press the button to send missiles, to Russia (in this case).

2015-06-16 15.12.23

We saw where they ate & played & slept.

2015-06-16 15.15.11

We saw where they worked

2015-06-16 15.32.57

and where they’d push the button, if need be.

2015-06-16 15.17.59

And we saw how some kept themselves from going crazy from boredom.

On to Wall drug

2015-06-16 16.52.22

Wall Drug was interesting.  So many little shops within one store.  But it was also interesting on how it got started.

Ice water.

Well, water that was cold as ice, anyway.

After having the drug store for 5 years with very little customers, the wife of the owner had a brilliant idea.

Have sign for free ice water.

Of course, this was before the age of “fast food.”

So most people either had to stop at a cafe for food, or brought their own.  And most, didn’t have cold water this far between stops.  So, people stopped.  And the Wall Drug became famous.

2015-06-16 17.52.36

Lots of interesting things to see…

2015-06-16 18.08.23

May God bless your socks off!



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