Minneapolis, MN

The major reason for stopping in Minneapolis was to visit “Big H”.

2015-06-10 20.21.07

The kids and Handsome Hubby went to for a walk with her while C.J. and I stopped to watch a turtle dig a nest.

2015-06-10 19.27.48

This poor turtle (we found out was a painted turtle) had to give up her quest after several hours of hard work because it was too near the road and about got squished by a truck.

2015-06-10 20.07.57

They saw a deer on their walk… Even though our time was short, we loved seeing “Big H.”

2015-06-10 14.54.20

The boys spent some of their money for styrofoam airplanes and was taught by Handsome Hubby how to fly them.

2015-06-10 14.54.40

It didn’t take long for C.J. to lose his in the swamp next to the camper, so they had to share.  Thankfully, Handsome Hubby had the boots to be able to get it out.  He made C.J. sweat it out a couple days, though not entirely on purpose.

2015-06-11 18.20.01

We also now know why people love IKEA.  This was my second trip while it was Handsome Hubby & the kids’ first.  The boys got bored long before Princess or we did, and we could have let them play in their play area, but we wanted their input on stuff.  Their food is great too, by the way.  Loved the meatballs.

2015-06-11 21.04.49

We also took the obligatory trip into the Mall of America.  Some day soon, we plan on going when we have more than an hour left before they close.  The kids loved going into Nickolodean Land or whatever it’s called now.

Fun filled week!

May God bless your socks off!



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