House on the Rock, WI

So, we went to House on the Rock.  It was an experience that Tim & I shared before kids and wanted to share with them.

2015-06-03 14.43.12

I think the Infinity room is one of my favorite aspects of the house.  It took me a while to come up with the reason, as really, it’s all smoke and mirrors.  Ok, so not entirely.  You can definitely feel the room sway in the breeze.  But I think it’s one of my favorite, because it’s so bright.  The rest of the house and exhibits are so dark.

Beyond that, we had the best day!

2015-06-03 14.47.38

There are three parts to the house.  The original studio, and then the other 2 main exhibit areas.

2015-06-03 14.30.42

There is so much to look at in the house!

There’s the world’s biggest carousel, the biggest cannon, armor, crowned jewels, a huge whale (like it would fill up more than a school gym size) fighting an equal sized giant squid.  There’s tons of Asian artifacts.

2015-06-03 15.06.07

There was old toys, guns, and a street of buildings with an old fashioned dentist office, toy store, doctor’s office and the like.

Our favorite thing about the place, by far though, was the instruments that played by themselves.  Each place had a spot for a token that they gave you when you got your tickets.  And there were several places where you could get more tokens.  It was fun to watch the instruments play.

2015-06-03 14.57.39

The newest exhibit was the Japanese Garden.

The kids did fantastic this day.  There was so much to see.

But it also got me thinking.  There was so much stuff.  After a while, it was just overwhelming.  You can’t possibly enjoy every single thing there is to see.  Not to mention that some of it is kind of creepy.  In Handsome Hubby’s words, “Not haunted house creepy, but creepy just the same.”

Still, it was all very interesting to see.

May God bless your socks off!



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