The Covered Bridges of Madison County, IA

No, I’m not talking about the movie.

We went to see the actual bridges.

2015-05-21 15.51.02

There were 19 covered bridges that were built in Madison County.

Only 6 remain.

2015-05-21 16.07.50

This is the Hallowell Covered Bridge.

2015-05-21 16.17.54

All of them were free to see.

And only about 45 minutes from Des Moines.

2015-05-21 16.19.55

This is the Cutler-Donahue Covered Bridge.  It’s in a city park.

2015-05-21 16.43.22

This is the Cedar Bridge.

It was originally built in 1883, was destroyed by arson in 2002, and rebuilt in 2004.

So it’s technically the youngest bridge.

2015-05-21 16.43.33

It’s the only covered bridge that you can drive on.

And we drove over it.


The kids thought I was weird cause I was so excited about it.

2015-05-21 16.59.25

This is the Hogback Bridge.

By the time we got to this one, the kids were done with seeing bridges.

2015-05-21 17.00.28

But taking pictures of Mommy & Daddy were another matter.

The first one of the Hogback was taken by C.J.

This one was taken by Princess.

I love it!

May God bless your socks off!



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