What a Year! (Part 2)

I decided that I needed to make this a two – parter.

It was just getting too long.

So, we also…

2014-11-22 12.05.49

Saw the Titantic…  (It was a museum in Chattanooga, TN)

2014-11-10 18.51.40

Both the boy & girl scouts went to the fire station.

2014-11-09 14.01.58

Raced eachother.  (I think C.J. won this one)

2014-11-07 11.22.04

2014-11-14 13.03.20

We studied octopus & went to the aquarium.

2014-11-23 11.59.26

Saw waterfalls…

2014-11-22 17.29.18And snow.

2014-12-25 21.47.11

2014-12-27 14.47.19

Saw my family: Stephen, Dad & Mom2 came for Christmas.

2014-12-31 09.59.18

Handsome Hubby’s mom came for New Years.

2014-12-31 16.46.032014-12-31 13.43.00

Played with with legos.  (A LOT!!!!)

2014-12-31 16.36.34

We went to the Legoland!

2014-12-04 17.26.52

Made snowmen.

2014-12-04 08.21.47

Had birthdays!  Princess turned 9, C.J. turned 7, and Super Man turned 1!

2014-12-21 18.37.22

Had a fabulous Christmas!

May God bless your socks off as He has ours!



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