What a year! (Part 1)


So… I didn’t do as well updating as I thought I would.

Oh well.

We’ll move on.

Since last June, so much has happened! 2014-10-11 08.52.47 C.J. joined cub scouts & Handsome Hubby became the Tiger Cub leader.  (E-Man gets to go too!)  Also, Princess is now a girl scout! 2014-10-10 09.29.43Super Man grew. 2014-10-16 19.08.19 The grass got cut. 2014-10-17 18.21.25 We had campfires… 2014-10-28 19.33.48 And bon-fires. 2014-11-21 15.04.27

We did public school this year.

Princess is in 3rd grade 2014-11-21 15.03.37C.J. is in 1st grade. 2014-11-21 15.05.20 E-Man is in Preschool.  (Though he is still at home.) 2014-10-30 15.17.04 2014-10-30 16.24.30 2014-10-30 15.16.15 2014-10-30 14.54.38 They went trunk or treating for the very first time.  (In case you can’t tell, Princess is Cleopatra; C.J. is a ninja; E-Man is a power ranger and Super Man is a lion.) 2014-11-21 17.39.09 2014-11-21 17.36.37 We saw the mountains. 2014-11-01 15.45.59 We rode the carasel. 2014-11-11 15.49.54

Watched the Vetran’s Day Parade.  (Princess, C.J. & Handsome Hubby were all in it.) 2014-11-22 15.57.14 2014-11-22 14.56.11 2014-11-22 15.57.24 We went on hikes.

May God bless your socks off!


(Part 2 coming soon!)


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