Bye-bye Sugar, bye-bye

Sugar, oh sugar!

How I love you!

Which is why I must say good-bye.




A few months ago one of the pastors at our church started to completely take sugar out of his diet.  And it got me thinking.  Actually, it got me to realize just how addicted to sugar I was.

But it tastes SO GOOD!!!

Then more and more people were talking about giving up sugar.

Really, God?  Are you sure?

Then we realized that Seth has issues with milk…  Chocolate has milk in it…

Insert frown here.

Then another pastor showed us a video of a boy on a cocoa farm, literally a slave.  (Please note, his sermon had nothing to do with sugar or chocolate and everything to do with injustice)

Ok, God.  I get it!

So… I’m starting my own journey.

And I’m taking my family with me!




But there are rules and exceptions… I’m sharing them with you so that I have some accountability.

Rule #1: We do it a month at a time.

Rule #2: We get to have one sweet thing a month & when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Rule #3: The birthday person for the month gets to decide what the sweet thing is.  (If there is one.)


Sugar is: sugar, brown sugar, molasses, maple syrup, pancake syrup, powdered sugar, agave nectar, splenda, stevia, corn syrup, honey, brown rice syrup, etc…














Really, it’s peanut butter that I just can’t give up.  Maybe eventually… probably not… besides, have you ever tasted peanut butter with no sugar?


Officially we start May 1st.  Unofficially, I’ve already started.

Minus the Easter candy we’ve eaten today… hmm…

Well, that’s why we’re still unofficial I guess.

And Ethan is the birthday boy this month and he wanted chocolate pie.

Did I mention chocolate has milk in it?

I’m going to try making it with coconut milk.


Today I had 1 Resese egg. and 1 1/2 Resurrection rolls.  ( )

Thankfully, I’m out of Resese eggs.  They are my downfall this time of year.  That and cadberry eggs.


I think I’ll have more of my smoothie and peanut butter crackers.

May God knock your socks off!



PS.  I’m not endorsing the products pictured per se.  They’re just what we use.  (And what I found pictures for.)


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