Our family as of October 2013


We celebrated our 11th Anniversary this month.


Some days it seems like we’ve been married for longer than that, but most days seem like we’ve just been married and happen to have 3, almost 4, children.

Tim changed jobs last year and now works at Hibu (used to be Yellowbook).  I am still a stay-at-home Mom and homeschool our 3 children.  Tim volunteers at church in the 2 year olds room  and  I volunteer in the nursery.  I love the babies and usually am in the crawlers room, but pretty much go where they need the help.  Neither one of us really has time for hobbies right now.  So, Tim just loves to hang out with our rambunctious children.  He was able to go on a “Guys Weekend”, which he needed, I think, and which he thoroughly enjoyed.  I get to go out twice a month or so with other moms for coffee (smoothies for me) and I’m an assistant table leader for Mops (Mothers of PreSchoolers).  This is our life right now and we’re content (for the most part).


Hannah will be 8 next month.  My beautiful little girl is in the 3rd grade this year.  She’s gotten into sewing, but is excited because she’s just earned (plus birthday) enough money to buy an American Girl doll.  She says her favorite subjects are Bible and History and her least favorite is anything for which she has to write paragraphs.


Caleb is 6.  Caleb has the ability to frustrate me like crazy and make me laugh almost in the same instance.  He loves building things, so legos, blocks, zomes, and the like are a constant play thing around here.  He also likes his cars and tracks.  His favorite subject is Math, which he’s crazy good at.  He really doesn’t have a subject right now he doesn’t like.


Ethan is 3 (and a half).  Ethan is growing up like crazy!  He’s in pre-preschool.  Which basically means we’re doing preschool but not really learning letters or anything.  We’ll do that next year.  He also gets to listen in when we do Spanish and sometimes Hannah’s history or Bible lesson.  For the most part, Ethan has an easy going/I’m so cute, you want to let me do ____ demeanor.  Only in rare instances do you see his stubborn/tenacious side that I’ve come to expect from those premies nurses didn’t expect to be alive at or live long after birth.


And finally baby.  I am, as of today, 33 weeks along.  I should definitely, per asking the doctor, have baby by December 6th or 7th at the latest.  Which means that if I haven’t had a C-section or gone into labor on my own, we’ll induce on the 6th.  He left it up to me whether I wanted to have a C-section or not.  For me, it’s 6 of one and half dozen of the other.  As long as the baby and I are healthy and safe, I don’t care which way I have it.  And for those that are curious, it’s probably going to be a boy and no, we don’t have a name picked out yet.  We still have time.


May God bless your socks off as He has ours!



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