Valentine Pajama Party

I know this is a little late getting out, since it’s June!  But, I wanted to blog about it anyway.

Usually for Valentines Day we offer to watch other people’s kids.  It’s something we like doing and we honestly don’t care when we celebrate Valentines Day.  I usually ask 2 or 3 families and have about 5 extra kids.


This year I extended it out to 4 families and had 8 extra kids.  Crazy, but definitely fun.



We had fresh veggies & fruit, popcorn, pretzels, cheese and crackers and then we went on to our game.

I had a short scavenger hunt like game.  Every stop, they had a balloon with directions with something to do.


In this one, they had to use patience in getting the puzzles all together, then they could read the next clue.  In one they had to sing Jesus loves me, in another they had to say something they liked about someone.  Finally, they got to end and their prize.


A heart shaped cake!

Then it was their choice, they could play, do crafts or watch a movie until it was time for their parents to pick them up.

I hope the kids had as much fun as Handsome Hubby and I did.

May God bless your socks off!



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