Review of 2012 (Part 1)

As 2012 comes to a close, I thought I’d do a review of the past year.

Partially, just to look back.

Partially, because I’m awful at keeping up to date on my blog here.






2012-01-18 19.53.33

Handsome Hubby got a new phone with a camera on it, so we were trying it out.


2012-02-24 10.08.23

We got a mongo snow storm.  This was just before we went to our neighborhood huge hill to go sledding… on a school day… while school was in session.  (I love homeschooling!)


2012-03-18 13.02.08Ok, so.  Year of the crazy weather.  About a month after the mongo snow storm it was so nice, we went to church in shorts!


2012-04-28 12.23.00Every year (or there about) we go to the Civil War Reenactment in Keokuk, IA.  This nice gentleman offered to introduce E-Man to the horses since he REALLY wanted to pet them.  It was so cool!  He told the white one on the right, “Now, this is just a baby!”  Loved that guy!

Civil War Ball 2012 1

Another tradition (as of 2011) is that we get to go to the Civil War Ball.  The first year, I borrowed a dress.  This year, my fabulously talented friend (sister in my heart!) made this dress for me.  She also made the green one on the left!  Aren’t they gorgeous?!!!  (Thank you, Laurissa!!!!)



This month we went on Vacation!


Saw the sights…

2012-06-03 18.19.51

Made memories…



Took pictures of my brother renewing his vows to his WONDERFUL wife.  🙂


Made more memories…

Family photo 1

It was fabulous…


2012-06-17 08.34.51

We made “About My Dad” papers.  This is C.J. “reading” his.  He was very proud to read it.  My favorite on his?  My dad is 5 years old.

2012-06-21 07.41.24

This was C.J.’s first year going to Day Camp.  He was super excited.  (No idea why he had the rubix cube…)

2012-06-30 11.21.00


We celebrated Handsome Hubby’s 32nd Birthday with a Watermelon Cake.  Quite fitting since he can consume an entire watermelon in 1 sitting.   He loves, loves, loves watermelon.


I’ll be posting Review of 2012 (Part 2) later… no worries!

May God bless your socks off!




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