Happy Birthday Princess!

Ok, I realize this is a bit late.

Princess’s birthday is really right around Thanksgiving.

But hey, I’ve gotten in the mood to write lately, so y’all get to benefit.  🙂

We have a tradition to start the kids birthdays with cinnamon rolls.  Then, so we’re able to celebrate all day, I put a candle in one of the cinnamon rolls and have them blow out the candle.  Then their birthday day has officially started.  Usually they get regular candles, but I happened to have a number 7.

Hannah's Birthday morning

Princess’s Birthday morning

They get to choose things through the day: the movie we’re going to watch, the game we play, that sort of thing. Then they get to pick what we have for supper, complete with their birthday dessert.  This year Princess chose  to be a pilgrim  and have hasty pudding (which she made entirely by herself), carrots and fried potatoes.

Then we had her open her present… or one of them, anyway.



Her very own Bible!

Her very own Bible!

That’s right, she got her very own Bible.

(She ended up taking it back and getting a lavender colored one with dark purple flowers on it.  Much more feminine and yet it should grow with her.)

I was nervous giving it to her, as she’d just come home from getting all kinds of toys from extended family.  I shouldn’t have been.  She was excited to get it.  I mean, really, excited.

Then we had her birthday dessert.



Really, she wanted ice cream, but I forgot to ask what she wanted and go to the store before dinner.  Bad planning on my part.  But we still sang “Happy Birthday”.

A couple days later, we were able to give her the other part of her gift.

Showing off her manicure/pedicure.

Showing off her manicure/pedicure.

I took Princess to get her a manicure and pedicure.  Afterwords we went out for supper and just talked.  It was a fun Mommy/daughter date.



My baby girl is officially not a baby anymore.  (Perhaps I say this every year.)

She’s an elementary student and in the 2nd grade.  She wants to be a baker when she grows up.  And she loves the color pink.  (Like almost any other girl her age.)  🙂

2005-12-15 Hannah Adkisson 010

This is Princess a couple weeks old at Christmas time.

Hannah October 2012

And this is Princess now.

I know, I know… It either makes me want to cry or burst with pride.  I love her so much.  She is an awesome help and a great big sister.

May God bless your socks off as He has mine!



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