Annual Christmas Program

I’m sitting here trying to rest as I am wishing I could be at church today.  Alas, I chose to not spread my germs to all the babies in the nursery today as it was my week.

Your welcome.

So, I thought I’d share pictures from our Annual Christmas Program at church.

Angel Ethan

Angel Ethan

So… first came the angels.  The angels were all the 2 & 3 year olds.  Consequently, Ethan is the only one thus far that’s gotten to be an angel.  Caleb almost got to be, but we came too late for him to get his costume on.  I think the year that I could have had Hannah be an angel, they weren’t doing it that year.

All the little angels

All the little angels


"The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay"

“The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay”


After the angels they did a short play.  (Sorry, didn’t get any pictures of that.)

Then the big kids sang their songs.

Caleb, while getting set up to sing.

Caleb, while getting set up to sing.


Hannah & Caleb singing "Jesus is born".

Hannah & Caleb singing “Jesus is born”.


(During the above song, Caleb high-fived one of the little girls in front of him in the eye.  He felt terrible and didn’t sing quite as well after.  He later apologized to her and thankfully all involved understood it was an accident and so all left with smiles.)

Afterwords, we went and had a birthday party for Jesus with juice, games, & prizes.  Overall it was a fun night.  Even with it’s pitfalls.

I hope God knocks your socks off as he has mine!



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