The Skeletal System

The last few months, Hannah has been all about science.  (Probably because it’s not something we do regularly.)  We regularly take December as our “off month”.  We still do school, it just looks different.  So this month, we’ve added science to our Christmas plans.

Because you know, science and Christmas go hand and hand.

(Get it?  Skeletal System… hand in hand?  I KNOW you’re rolling on the floor laughing right now…)

I suppose we could have studied the stars, since the wise men were led to Jesus by a star.  (Oh, yeah!  Stars are science!)

But alas, I didn’t even think of that until just now.


This month, we’re studying our bodies.

First, I got a large sheet of paper & drew an outline of the kids on it.  THEN we went over the pencil with marker.  I really was going to get a picture of this part, but I totally forgot .  Oops!  Use your imagination, I guess…  This represented our skin that holds everything inside our bodies.

Then we studied is our skeletons.

Hand-y Hannah

Hand-y Hannah

The first thing I did was to explain: What is the job of the skeleton?

The hand on the left represents what our body would be like without bones.  (Kind of floppy, huh?)

The hand on the right represents what our body is like with bones.  (Pretty colorful, I’d say!)

-To make these, I just used 2 plastic gloves and filled one with flour and one with craft sticks.  Make sure to tie tightly or use a rubber band.  Don’t fill the flour one too full.  You want it to be floppy.

Then we added “bones” to our body outlined bodies.

Hannah adding bones to her person.

Hannah adding bones to her person.

Masking tape was the big bones.

Caleb's project.

Caleb’s project.

For the carpels, meta-carpels, tarsals, meta-tarsals & phalanges, we used cotton swabs.  They were better for the fine bones.

Tarsals, meta-tarsals & phalanges in Caleb's hand.

Tarsals, meta-tarsals & phalanges in Caleb’s hand.

Turned out pretty good.  If I do say so myself.

This is our first step.

Next we’re doing the Nervous system, Respiratory & Circulatory systems.

Until next time, may God bless your socks off!



2 Responses to The Skeletal System

  1. autmleaf says:

    Great stuff! Keep it up!

  2. […] We’ve already talked about the Skeletal System.  You can read about it in this post: Skeletal System. […]

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