Our Family as of 2012

November 14, 2012

Hello again!

So much for keeping up on bloging, huh?

Oh well.

On with the updating!

First, I wanted to thank Jen Adkisson for taking our family pictures.  She always does such a great job!  I will totally have her take our pictures again.  Of course, I might be a bit biased as she is family. 😉

Our Family 2012 OutsideHere we are.  Not bad, huh?  It was getting really bright by the time we got outside to take pictures (not to mention, kinda cold) so we went in to take some.

Hannah October 2012Here’s Hannah.  Hannah will be 7 in about a week and a half as I write this and is in the 2nd grade.  She loves pink and is a great helper.  She’s also been very, VERY into science.  She can’t get enough of it.  I love her grin, missing tooth and all.  Two days ago she lost the other front tooth.  I love it!  Hannah can’t decide whether she’d like to be a doctor or a mom.  (I told her, she CAN do both.)

Caleb October 2012

This picture of Caleb made me sigh and shake my head.  But it is totally him and yet it’s not as he’s cheesing it for the camera.  (Honestly, I hate that word for picture taking.  It totally does not get a natural smile. Ugh!  Anyway…)  Caleb is 5 now and is in Kindergarten.  I’m finding he is very creative.  Not just in how to get one’s self in trouble, but also on paper.  I tend to want to limit how many colors he uses on a school paper, where as I had to tell Hannah how many colors she HAD to use.  He can be quite the gentleman when he chooses to be and likes to open my door for me.  His favorite color is blue and he told me once that he wants to be a construction worker.

Ethan October 2012Ethan is 2.  Trust me when I say, that says a lot.  Technically he’s 2 1/2, but who’s interested in a technicality?  🙂  Ethan’s favorite color is orange and wants to do whatever Caleb is doing and be whatever Caleb does.  That being said, he’s equally content to play by himself.  Ethan is very imaginative.  He doesn’t need toys to entertain himself.  He’ll use his hands or even feet and play with them, pretending they’re people or animals or whatever it is he pretends they are.

Here are some fun pictures.

Mother Daughter October 2012Mother & daughter… 🙂

Caleb Tim Rachel October 2012Caleb… being Caleb.  🙂

Hannah, Caleb, Ethan October 2012All three kids.  Ethan HAD to have the rocking chair he’s sitting in, so we worked around it.

Rachel Tim October 2012

Tim and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this year.


Rachel Tim October 2012Isn’t he gorgeous?  I love his dimples!

Rachel Tim October 2012

Hmm… I don’t look so bad either… (Thanks Melissa for doing my hair!)

I don’t know what I did to deserve the man God gave me.  In fact, I know I didn’t do anything, which makes the fact that God gave me to Tim and Tim to me, so much more awe inspiring.   We’ve been through so much and grown so much.  It’s amazing to me how God can take two selfish people and throw them together and make something so beautiful as a marriage.  We’ve been through the fight of cancer and death of Tim’s dad, the death of our grandpas, the birth of our children, a miscarriage, the marriages of 2 brothers, the early birth of Ethan, the decision to homeschool our children, a job change, and so many other not so life changing decisions, arguments and joys.  I am so thankful that Tim loves me on the days I’m not very lovable.  I’m so thankful that he makes me talk when I’m angry and can’t sleep until we’ve resolved it.  I thank God for Tim; I do not deserve him.

May God bless your socks off as he has mine!