Sewing Bug

April 19, 2012

This month I have been bit by the sewing bug.

Besides Hannah’s dress, I have made 2 pillows, a skirt for me, and embellished a t-shirt for Ethan.

Monster Pillow

You can get the tutorial from my inspiration here: .

I didn’t measure (as is my way, most of the time) and opted for a zipper at the top instead of the other pillow thing.


Hello Kitty Pillow

Super simple.

One word: felt.

Felt is my new favorite fabric.  LOVE it!

I did not use a zipper for this one.  I did use a double layer of white cotton for the front to give stability and so you couldn’t see the stuffing I used.  I also used a piece of pink cotton fabric for the back.  The yellow is a cotton ginham, I think.  I made a yo-yo for that.  The handles are done the same way I did the monster pillow.


Monster T-shirt

This project cost me absolutely nothing!

I love those!

I grabbed a plain red t-shirt from his closet, cut out a bunch of circles, teeth and a mouth from felt and sewed them on.

Isn’t the result adorable!

I can’t wait to see it on him!

Here is my inspiration off Pinterest:


T-shirt Skirt

I do  not have a picture of the skirt yet.  The picture I did take was aweful.  So I will not make you see that.  I’ll try to get one of me in it.  But I haven’t worn it yet.

Either way, it was sooo easy to make.


If you can sew a straight line, or even a not so straight line (as is the case most days for me) you can make this skirt.

All you need is:

an extra large t-shirt in a color you like. (You can raid hubby’s old t-shirts if you like or buy a new one) The only rule for this is that it needs to be big.

a pair of scizzors

needle and thread (&/or a sewing machine)

a piece of thin elastic

2 safety pins


1. Cut the t-shirt from armpit to armpit and discard the upper portion.  (The piece with the neck and sleeves)

2. Turn the t-shirt inside out

3. Fold about an inch down from the part you just cut, pin and hem.

4. Now you have a choice to make, you can decide which end you’d like to be the waist and which end you’d like to be the bottom of the skirt.

I chose the end I did not hem, but was originally the bottom of the t-shirt to be the waist.

5. Being careful not the go all the way through, make a hole in the hem.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS DONE ON THE INSIDE OF THE SKIRT.  I usually do this near the edge of the skirt.

6. Measure the elastic so it fits your waist.  Then attach one pin to one side of the elastic and another pin to the other side of the elastic AND near the hole.  It’s really annoying to think you’re almost finished and find that the end of the elastic is inside the hem.

7. Push the pin through the hole you just made all the way around the skirt and back out the hole.

8. Bring the edges of the elastic together and sew.  Depending on the width of your elastic, you may need to use a needle and thread verses a sewing machine.  My machine tried to eat the elastic.

That’s it!  Just flip the skirt back right-side out and try it on!


I am so blessed to be able to use what God has given me to bless others!

May God bless your socks off!



Hello again!

April 17, 2012

Long time, no hear from, Eh?

I found my camera again!


We’ve been planning our vacation to the East Coast and so I’ve been busy!

But before I talk about that, I’m going to share what I made for what comes first.

The Civil War Reenactment!

Around here, it’s April 27th to the 29th in Keokuk, Ia

It’s always a lot of fun.

I love to see the ladies (and gentlemen) dressed in the 1860’s fashion and hear the cannon’s boom.  It’s also fun to hear about the Battle of Pea Ridge that took place not too far from Keokuk during the Civil War.  (Correct me if I have the wrong battle, for those that know.)


I am blessed.

I just have to say that.

I got to attend the ball last year for the first time (sort of a last minute, happen to have an extra dress thing) with friends so close, they’re no longer friends.  They’re family.

I had sooo much fun!

See this dress?

Isn’t it gorgeous?!

(Thanks Lauren for letting me wear it!)

Yeah, it doesn’t fit this year…

I feel for the women in the 1800’s that had to work with fabric that didn’t stretch.  I guess I’m too used the t-shirts I wear, almost every single day.

But.  Like I said, I’m blessed.

Way blessed.

Like knock my socks off blessed.

When I tried it on the very beginning of this month and it no longer fit (amazing what 5 pounds will do to a person) they simply suggested that we make a new one.

We as in, they.

They are the experts.

All those dresses the ladies are wearing?

They made them.  (Minus the pink one I’m wearing.  But they did alter that one a bit.)

Awesome, aren’t they?

This is Hannah in the “everyday” dress I made for her.

While the dress isn’t perfect, it’s pretty nice.

If I do say so myself.

And I do.

I can’t wait for her to wear this at the reenactment!

Hannah will also be joining us at the Civil War Ball.

She received a southern belle costume last year for her birthday and I immediately thought of the Civil War Ball.  So I haven’t let her wear the costume much.  She is so excited to be able to wear it at the ball like one of those Disney princess’!

Well, I have more posts to write, but not today.

May God bless your socks off!