Choices, choices, choices…

I know,  I haven’t written since Monday.

And, sorry, I don’t have pictures for you today.

I’m under the – I don’t know where my camera is again- blues.  I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.  I need to remember to put it back in it’s “home”.


We’ve been dealing with choices the past few days.

Well, more the kids than us.

You see, we took away their choices.  Not completely, but almost.  The older two were freaking out over the littlest things.  A cup or bowl color that they wanted and didn’t get, even what direction to put a comforter.  It’s something I’d expect from my almost 2 year old, not my 4 and 6 year old.  So we’re trying to teach them, not only that they can’t get everything they want, but that choices are a privilege, not a right.

I suppose to some, this might seem weird.  Especially in our society where we can “have it your way”.  We have so many choices!  I mean, you go to store to get a loaf a bread (never-mind that you have to decide not only to get bread verses make it, but which store to go to) and you reach the isle to decide on which kind of bread (wheat, white, rye, ect) and millions of brands to choose.  I just want bread!

Caleb had the “I want it my way” the worst, but Hannah wasn’t far behind.  So, I let them keep a very few toys in their room and then put the rest up for “rest time”.  Which in our world, generally means quiet, alone, play time.  I’ve also limited the choices of toys downstairs and am thinking about doing more.  The kids have been so much easier to live with without all choices.  I think we get choice overload and kids especially don’t have the maturity as yet, to handle it.   Sometimes I’m not sure if I can handle it.

In the end, it’s just stuff anyway.  Caleb very rarely asks for toys specifically.

Speaking of Toys…

Here are the toys I tend to keep around and are played with the most often:

1. Cars: as in matchbox type, but also as in the movie

2. Duplos Legos

3. Little People

4. Bouncy Balls

5. Play food & dishes

6. Dolls & doll clothes (yes, even the boys have A doll.)

7. We also have a number of Laurie Toys: The Color and Shape Sorter, Tall Stacker Pegs and Pegboard, Number Express and the Toddler Tote.  I love all except the Pegs & Pegboard for when we go out to eat.  I like the Pegs and Pegboard, but because of how the kids generally play with it, they need to be able to move around a bit more.  For instance: when we visit someone in the hospital or when we visit my grandma in the nursing home.

These are always out and almost always played with.

I also have:

1. Blocks

2. Lincoln Logs

3. Regular Legos – because we seem to always have toddlers and younger, these are more special occasion or rest time toys.

4. Puzzles – we have a variety of different kinds because of the ages of our kids.

5. Dinosaurs and other plastic animals

6. Tinker-Toys

7. Magnetic Letters

Anyway, THAT was a rabbit trail…

I also have tried to find out the kids 7 – 9 favorite shirts and leave it at that.  Kids honestly wear that many anyway if you keep up with laundry.

Which I’m not always so good about doing, but that’s beside the point!

Another good tip (that I don’t use often, but DOES help) is to have your kids pick out their clothes the night before.  Then there’s no or little arguing right before you have to push them off to catch the bus or get to your MoPs/Bible study meeting/ect on time.  It also makes sure you have what you really want clean and you are wearing two matching shoes… 🙂  And if you sleep through your alarm, it’s less you have to think about.  If your kids are old enough, it also helps them to know what to wear and maybe, just maybe get dressed themselves without you having to tell them to do so.  (It happens, really, just not very often here.)

Of course, if you homeschool like we do, you don’t have to get dressed.  You can hang around all day and do school in your pajamas if you want to.  It’s just of the perks of homeschooling.  I just get more accomplished if I’m dressed and have my shoes on.  (Thanks, Flylady!)  I think my kids are slow to get dressed in the morning because they’re hoping I’ll let them have a pajama day.  We don’t do it often, but they cling to the hope.

When we feel the kids can handle choices again, we will give the privilege back to them.  As nice as it is to live with them right now, they need to learn to be well rounded adults that can make wise choices.  We feel that our job, as parents, is to help them learn how to make those choices.  At first, it’s making those choices for them and then, it’s teaching them to do it themselves.

Anway, thanks for choosing to read this!  🙂

May God bless your socks off!





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