The Christmas Train

Last month we were given the opertunity to ride the Christmas train.

I didn’t get any pictures of the train.


I have no idea!

Maybe because it was cold and rainy that day.


In December!

I don’t like rainy Decembers.

Just thought I’d share.

The boys loved the ride!

Hannah did too… (but sat too close or out of range)

Proof that Hannah was there!  🙂

After 2 hours in the train (to it’s destination and back) the kids were ready for something else.  Ethan was VERY ready for something else.

So we had free Christmas cookies, hot cocoa, and coffee.  Then we paid for chili and hotdogs.  For a cold, wet day and after a long ride.  It was GOOOOOOD!

After eating Hannah, Caleb and I went to go and do the kids crafts.  They were pretty easy but cute.  It was basically a lid from a can with a hole in it. Then the kids decorated it with stickers and put a pipe-cleaner through the hole to make something to hang it with.  I think we came home with 5.  Caleb made one; I made one; Hannah made 3.

This is what Tim and Ethan were doing while we made the crafts.  🙂

The kids were all tired and cranky when we finally left to go home, but it was certainly worth the ride.

Extra special thanks to Brad and Jen who gave us the tickets!  THANK YOU!!!

May God bless your socks off!



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