Reflections – Hannah

By now, if you’ve been following along, you’ve seen my boys.  Now it’s time for a little pink.  🙂

Hannah Elizabeth was named for Hannah & Elizabeth in the Bible who both have similar stories.  Hannah (in the Bible) became the mother of Samuel, the prophet, and Elizabeth became the mother of John the Baptist.  Both were influential men.  Both women had all but given up on God and yet God remembered them.  God’s plans are not always our plans and His timing are not always our timing.

All the pictures we took of Hannah right away had one of us in it… So… in this one she’s about 2 weeks old.  No longer red, but still bean like for the most part.

6 months old and already knows how to pose.  We put her on her belly and she put her hands in this position.  This was the second attempt at pictures.  At the first attempt, she would have nothing to do with sitting still and looking cute for the camera. Forget it!  Oh well…

1 year

18 months… I loved the way her skirt poofed up when she sat down.

I’m sure we had a better picture of her at 2, but this works.  Her birthday dessert here was cookie cake.

3 years.

4 years.  This also was her flower-girl dress for my mother’s wedding.  Cute, huh?

5 years.

6 years.

Ok… Rehash

Baby Hannah

Not so baby Hannah.

Waaaaaaa!!!!!!!   <sniff, sniff>

Ok, I feel better now.

May God bless your socks off as he has mine!



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