Reflections – Ethan

I’m doing a short series right now on my children.  I figured I’d do Ethan next since he’s the one that got me on this series with my realization that he’s not a baby anymore.  <sniff, sniff>

We named him Ethan Jeremiah.  No, not after the furniture store and the bullfrog, though my uncle did ask.  🙂  Ethan was the name we’d picked out even before he was born.  Afterwards, it seemed even more fitting as it means strong.  For he had to be strong as we found out that he had had a very tight knot in the umbilical cord and had we waited any longer, probably would have died.  We named him after Jeremiah who, in the bible, followed God even though it seemed a fruitless task.  Be strong in the Lord, little man, for Jehovah is God.

It’s still hard to believe that he was this small.  This picture was taken a couple days after he was born.  He needed an oxygen “hood” for a short time right after he was born. (He was born 5 weeks early due to no amniotic fluid and little movement.)

This is when Ethan was 6 months (almost).  He’s with his aunts on Daddy’s side.  🙂  Aren’t they beautiful?!

1 year.  He’s such a happy boy…

18 mos.  I had just taken Caleb’s picture and he sat down on a pumpkin and said, “Cheese!”  So… I got a cute one of him too.  Only now he doesn’t just smile for anybody.

So let’s rehash…

Baby Ethan…

Not so baby Ethan…

Waaaaaa! <Sniff, Sniff>

On that note.  🙂

May God bless your socks off!



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