Happy Birthday Tim!

Today is my beloved husband’s birthday.  I wanted to do something extra special for him (partially because I missed the big 30 last year) but alas, time got away from me.  I did however have time to make an extra special cake.

I’m rather proud of this cake.


I slaved away all morning as I…

Okay, so it was super simple to make.

I made a boxed cake mix and followed the direction.  I flipped it onto a small cookie sheet and frosted it, all while it was still warm. I used kid labor… I mean I had the kids help me scrape the filling out of store brand vanilla oreos and then crush them into tiny crumbs. I used a whole package, but I think you could probably get away with only using half.

Then liberally sprinkle the crumbs all over the cake.  It makes a huge mess, but hey, so does sand!  🙂

The shovel we had and was used, so I scrubbed the thing.  It seems not everyone enjoys actual sand in their food.  Go figure!  Then at Walmart, I found these really cool chocolate rocks.  They look pretty real to me.  So it felt funny to pick one up and actually eat it.

For the beach towel on the one side of the cake, I used strips of Fruit by the foot.  The seashells are real (but washed).  I know that you can get chocolate shells, but I didn’t find them and they don’t look nearly as real as the rocks.  Also the Sunglasses are Hannah’s.  I think we picked them up at a party supply store several years ago.

To finish the look, I just used a couple beach towels we had, some more seashells and chocolate rocks and our own “kid plates” as we call them.  Pretty simple, but very cool.

I must say that it started out Skyler’s idea (my nephew).  He wanted me to do a worm cake.   Or in other words, a “dirt” cake, but he’s not fond of chocolate, so I figured that it would be awful for him to give me the idea and not reap on the rewards, so I did sand instead with a white cake.

Now, in honor of my beloved’s 31st birthday, 31 things I love about him (lets see if I can make it):

1. His patience with me and my forgetfulness.

2. His gentleness with Hannah and I.

3. I love to watch him wrestle with Caleb.

4. I love to watch him wrestle with Ethan.

5. I love to watch him.

6. I love his smile.

7. I love his laugh.

8. I love his eagerness to talk to a random person on the street about Christ.

9. I love his eagerness to talk to a random person about math.

10. I love his hugs.

11. I love his kisses.

12. I love his… “Oh squirrel!”

13. I love his humility.

14. I love that he loves me.

15. I love that he would rather do stuff with the kids than work.

16. I love his honesty.

17. I love it that I can carry on a conversation, IN MY HEAD, and then can make me laugh after I say, “So what do you think?” (Umm… about what?  Oops!)

18. I love that he likes to shop with me, for me.

19. I love that he know random facts about pretty much everything.

20. I love that I have a human calculator.

21. I love how ready and willing he is to let me spend time with my family.

22. I love his energy.

23. I love (and hate) that he can be up and awake at 6am in the morning when I can barely open my eyes.

24. I love it that he loves kids.

25. I love that he wants to invest in teens.

26. I love that he loves to travel.

27. I love it that he works so hard and does his best so that I can stay home with the kids.

28. I love it that he encourages me when I have a bad day and think, “Why did I want kids again?!”

29. I love it that goes out of his way to spend time with the kids.

30.  I love it when he’s silly and squirelly.

31. I love it that all he has to do is be in the room and suddenly my day is just more calm, brighter, and relaxed.


Whew!  I wasn’t sure I could do it.  But I did!

I love him so much!  I’m so glad I met him almost 11 years ago.

May God bless your socks off!



One Response to Happy Birthday Tim!

  1. Susan Leaf says:

    More like you had to limit the comments to 31. You probably could write a book about him!

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