Boy, do I need to update!

As my title says, “Boy, do I need to update y’all!”  My last post was when Ethan was 11 months old!

Ethan is now almost 14 months!  I will claim most blame to the lack of updates, except that the computer that I usually use to blog with didn’t have a power cord for 3 months.  But now that it’s found, I foresee lots of posts in the future.

I will update y’all real quick now and then go indepth later as the pictures are, alas, on a different computer.


Ethan started crawling at 11 months.

Ethan turned 1.

I have learned that Caleb is capable of doing all sorts of things that mystify and bewilder me.

Hannah cut her hair.

We visited family in Kansas and then took a short vacation to Colorado.

Hannah attended Day camp again this year, but only 1 day.  😦

Caleb and I went on a Mommy/Son camp-out.  (In Grandma’s back-yard)


This last week, the kids and I have been “camping” at Grandma’s.  You may read that as, it’s been raining all week and there are puddles in the tent, so we’ve been sleeping inside.  However, We have been able to spend time with Tim’s mom that we don’t usually get to.  It’s been fun.

We’ve gone to the Science center where Hannah got to see a movie all about the body, as well as real bodies opened up so that you could see all the organs.  It was interesting, but I’m glad that it was only Tim or I and Hannah that did it, because Caleb would have been bored to tears.  Probably literally.

The human body fascinates Hannah.  She says she’d like to be a doctor when she grows up.  She’s always watched what the doctors and nurses do when we’re there.  And she pours over the pictures of human anatomy as if it where the greatest pictures ever.

While Tim and Hannah were at the movie, Caleb & I built a paper rocket and got to launch it.  He loved launching it over and over and over again.

There was a wall where balls would go in one side and come out another and was very bright.  Ethan loved the balls.

One of the days we were here, we got to dog-sit Mia, Tim’s brother & sister-in-law’s dog.  She’s well-natured, although still young enough to be puppy like at times.  I was so proud of Caleb.  Normally he screams and wants nothing to do with dogs, but this time he wanted to pet her without my prompting.  He didn’t just pet her once, he pet her several times all through-out the day.

Though, unfortunately, you’ll just have to take my word for it, as I don’t have a picture as proof.  I forget to take pictures until Grandma comes home and reminds me.

Next week week get to spend the whole week with our nephew, Skyler.  He and Caleb make quite the duo.  Almost makes me nervous to think what Caleb and Ethan will be like… 🙂

Well, I hope to do more updating soon.  (These pictures were off my mother-in-law’s camera.)

May God bless your socks off!



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