Ethan, 11 months

I can hardly believe that twelve months have almost past since I went in to do a check-up ultrasound and came home four days later having given birth via c-section to Ethan.  Of course, it would be another week and a half before he’d be able to come home.

*Sniff, Sniff*

Ah, memories…

In the last two weeks Ethan has gone from barely starting to army crawl to deciding that maybe crawling might be fun.  Almost as much fun as getting into everything that Mommy says no to.

He’s gotten into the habit of looking up at me like, “Mommy, I’m inocent!  Really!” and then smiling at me.

I must have “Sucker for a smile” tatooed across my forehead.


(Nope.  I just looked.  No tatoo.  Whew!)

And this is only the beginning!

So Ethan can now: crawl (with gusto!), climb up the stairs, climb, pull himself up to things, and did I mention climb?  He’s also starting to cruise.  If you hold both of his hands he runs, walking will barely be in his vocabulary, I think.

He also has gotten in three out of four of his top teeth.  I’m sure the last one will be in soon.

The cup has been grudgingly accepted, although the better he gets about using it, the more I see acceptance and less grudge.

This has all been in the last two weeks.  While all my family were here for my grandpa’s funeral.

Nice timing, huh?

Last night was the first time Ethan said, “Dada” and wasn’t babbling.  He was looking at Tim when he said it.

Today, I noticed that he’s beginning to play by putting objects into a box, which is new.

I need to start letting him try to feed himself with a spoon.  I cringe at the thought knowing what his chair and under his chair on the floor looks like now, but I know I need to do it anyway.  It would be nice if the bowl or plate would stay on the table in front of him instead of being dumped in his lap or on the floor.  But, he’s only 11 months, not 2 or 3 or 5.   One thing at a time.

Since Ethan is my third, I’ve seen a difference in how I parent.  With Hannah, I was ready for the next step long before she was.  With Caleb, I was more relaxed, but still ready.  Now with Ethan, he’s ready and doing and then I catch up.  I was okay with the fact that he couldn’t crawl.  One less mobile child was okay with me.  Another thing is the bottle, I’m okay with him having one even though I stopped trying with the first two at 9 months.  But then, they never took a bottle.  Although, now that he takes a cup a lot easier, I’ll probably wean him, albeit slowly.  More for me than for him.

Are we going have more kids after Ethan?


As long as God so wills.

How many?

No idea!

And that’s okay.

Although, I think 5 or 6 is a nice number…

Total kids, not 5 or 6 more kids… gracious!


God knows what I’m able to handle, better than I do.



May God bless your socks off!



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