Ethan: 9 Months

Ok, ok, I realize he’s actually going to be 10 months here in a few days.  But I haven’t updated on him in a while… like 7 months… Oof… The curse of being the 3rd child.  What can I say?

Things Ethan can do:

Sit up

“Walk” (holding Mom or Dad’s hands)

Pick up cheerios & get them in his mouth

Sleep generally 8 hours a night (YAY!!!)

Pull socks off feet

Hold his bottle so he can drink on his own

Say, “da da” indiscriminately

Whine or cry to get big brother or sister to give him a toy or pay attention to him.

Complain when a toy is taken away

Eat soft foods & crackers and the like.


Things Ethan can not do:


Say, “ma ma”

Keep a plate on the table

Walk on his own

Use a sippy cup (hates them… but the time will come)


So, we’re still working on some things, but I keep having to remind myself that he will probably be behind on some things only because he was born early.  He really is doing everything he should be.  And the doctor told me not to worry about the crawling issue and that not every child crawls, which was a huge load off my mind.


16.4 pounds

24.25 inches (I think)

I was happy when the nurse said he didn’t get any shots.   Next time though, I know he will 😦

This is a picture I took when I noticed him.  We’d given him his bottle and then went off to do other things.  Some days he prefers to do it himself because he can see more.  Other days we cuddle as he drinks his bottle.

Yes, he is asleep…

Still holding on to the bottle…

No, I don’t try to make this a habit.

May God bless your socks off as He has mine!



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