Brothers just have a special connection.  I don’t know what it is.  Or why.  Honestly, I really don’t care.  I just see it.

That’s not to say that Ethan doesn’t have a connection with Hannah, he does.  It’s just different.

From the very beginning Caleb could get Ethan to laugh, before anyone of us.  When Ethan had his picture taken in the hospital there was one of Caleb kissing him and it looks as if Ethan is laughing at him.

Caleb can get him to calm down when it’s bedtime or rest time and he doesn’t want to sleep yet.  He talks to him (and to himself) and sings to him (and again to himself… he’s 3.)

Sometimes all Caleb has to do is look at Ethan and Ethan’ll start laughing.

Caleb will come running into the kitchen and yell, “Mommy!  I made Ethan laugh!”  And then run back to him and do whatever it was that made him laugh again, just to hear him laugh again.

Sometimes I have to tell him, “I know that made Ethan laugh this time, but if you hit him too hard you’ll make him cry instead.  Let’s try and find another way to make Ethan laugh.”

This is one of those instances that I don’t understand boys.

What is so funny about being smacked in the head with something?

I don’t understand.

Perhaps I should watch the Three Stogies sometime again.

Or perhaps just let them watch it.

Hmm…. Maybe not,  it might give them ideas.

One thing I’ve tried hard to do for Caleb and Hannah is to not push the baby on them, especially at first.  I wait for them to ask me, “Can I hold Ethan?” Oh, I’ll have them get me diapers, wetwipes, pants from the drawers and the like, but I try to ask them if they can sit and play with the baby a second while I go to the bathroom or something.  Since I ask, I take No for an answer.   I love to get pictures of them holding their youngest sibling, but I wait for them.  These pictures weren’t the first of Caleb holding Ethan.  But I love to see them together.  It’s interesting to me because they (whoever they are…) say that kids generally like babies better from birth until they start to crawl.  Caleb has seemed to be the opposite.  He seems to like Ethan better the more mobile he gets.

Of course, Ethan hasn’t gotten into Caleb’s toys yet.

I think that Caleb is excited for someone else to run around the house with…and get into trouble with.

It should make my life interesting, that’s for sure.

May God bless your socks off as He has mine!





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