Un-Valentines Day – Family date

I thought of this title because of Alice in Wonderland.  I figured since they could have a Un-Birthday, I could have a Un-Valentines Day.  We decided that Valentines Day would be more fun, for all of us if we celebrated it after Valentines Day.

Last Thursday (when it got to almost 70, in Iowa, in February!) we had a family-date to celebrate.  First, we had a picture scavenger hunt.  Tim hid the candy and Valentine presents and took a picture of where it was located and the kids had to go and find that spot.  They did very well and had a blast!  We did the kids first and then the kids helped me find my things.  Tim hid  my things up high so they would need my help to find them.  It was so much fun!

After our scavenger hunt we went for a walk.  It was weird for me to have to only wear a light jacket in February!  But, that’s all was needed.  I wish I had brought my camera along with us, but I probably would have forgotten to take pictures anyway.  We had so much fun running along the path, racing the strollers, and chasing whoever was not in the stroller.  It was so nice to be outside!  We all slept well that night.  Halfway through our walk we stopped at Dairy Queen and had dessert first.  It wasn’t planned that way, but that’s what happened just the same.  We split a blizzard and ate it outside.  (I still can’t get over how we could do that in February!  Ugh!)  The kids loved it as we usually don’t let them do that.  After our walk we went and got pizza.  No, the kids really didn’t eat well, they barely ate one piece (one small piece), but it was a special occasion and so neither of us cared much.

When we came home, we started the brownies! We used just a box brownie mix to make them.  You can use the recipe on the box or use applesauce for the oil and egg substitute for the egg like Tim did.  Either way works, and I didn’t taste much difference, especially after we dipped them.

Friday, we finished them.

First freeze the brownie pan for 30 minutes.  (This is supposed to help make the brownies easier to cut.)  Then, we used cookie cutters to cut shapes out.

cut out

Dipthem in chocolate almond bark.



And then we decorated them.

The finished products…

Caleb’s “C”

Hannah’s horse


I have to say these were quite addictive, not that you need an excuse to love brownies.  I also took the left-over brownie after we made our cut outs and cut it in squares and dipped that.  They just didn’t end up as pretty.  I suppose you could do this with any shape and for any holiday.  We did letters for specific people and hearts for Valentines Day.

The frog was just because it reminded me of Valentine’s too.

Don’t ask me why.

I don’t know.  It just did.

May God bless your socks off as He has mine!



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