Happy Valentines Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day.  the day we remember those we love.  At least a day we set aside to remember them.  Although, I think we should do that every day of the year, I do like Valentines Day.

Although, I’ll share a secret.


I love saving money more.

I know, I know.  I’m a cheap-skate.  While I do love the hearts and flowers and candy… oh, the candy!  I love going to the store the day after, or better yet, sending Tim to the store the day after for the same stuff everyone else gets only for half off.

The reason?

Tim can spend, just as much as he would have, on or before Valentines Day and I get twice as much!

So really, it’s a pretty selfish reason.

Honestly, I really don’t care how much he spends on me… just as long as I get chocolate… preferable truffles… Mmm….

Sorry, drooling.

Oh, and a card… like the cards too.

A couple of years ago, around Valentines day Tim picked up a sticky note set that had little pictures and romantic phrazes on them.  I love them!  I find them all over the place.  On the computer, on the car window, on the mirror in the bathroom.  He just peels one off and puts it some place and I gush.  He tells me he puts some thought behind which one he picks, but really, he wouldn’t have to and I’d still gush.  Hannah loves them too.

“Oh!  Mommy!  Daddy left you another note!!!”

Then I have to read the note to her.  And we both sigh…

I left Tim this on the table for when he got home from work.

I love free stuff that still means something.

It made him laugh anyway.  (I’m awful at Scrabble, so he knows I didn’t actually play to do this.)

I love seeing him laugh.

I love his dimples.

We met October 24th, 2000 in Ames, Ia at the Salt Co.

We started dating October 31st, 2000, (via AOL… ah, the old days before facebook…)

Our first date was on December 31st, 2000.  (At least the one that went well… long story)

We were engaged March 19, 2002 at an overlook in Branson, MO.

We were married October 5, 2002, almost 2 years since we met.

And I love him more every day…

Notice how Valentines Day makes people even more mushy?  🙂

I want to be THOSE parents, that their kids say, “Eww… get a room!”  after catching their parents kissing.  (I don’t mean those quick “Good-bye, have a good day” kisses.)

I think I better stop while I’m ahead and go grab my man and give him a big kiss!  I love him so much!!!!

To my best friend…

May God bless your socks off as he has mine!



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