Boredom can be… well… destructive.  Like when Caleb decided to put toothpaste all over the sink in the bathroom, including inside the drawer.  Or when Hannah decided draw all over her wall with lip-gloss and then later crayon or when she decided she herself needed prettied up… with PEN.


But, it can also be quite amusing and allow one to come up with all sorts of games and stories.  We frequently have races around the house (partially because how else can you get excess energy off when it’s too cold to go outside?).   We build forts, have tea parties, create… whatever it is they create, mop in our socks (that one is so fun!)…

Then last night Caleb came up with a game that caused me to laugh.

All they have is a canning jar ring and a ball.  They were sliding the rings across the floor causing the ball to roll, seeing who went the farthest.  All the toys we have and this is what they were having a ball with (pun intended…hehe…).

May God bless your socks off!



One Response to Boredom

  1. Dad Leaf says:

    Great job. It’s all worth it, especially when they grow up as well as you all have.

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