Motherhood, in the eyes of my five year old consists of babydolls that only cry when you want them to, baths in the bathroom sink, and feeding of plastic play food once in a great while.

Funny how amazingly complex that is, for a five year old.

In reality, motherhood means so many  more things.  It means that 6 hours is sometimes considered a full nights sleep and then some! Sometimes it means making hard decisions and splitting yourself in half, so that you can be there for as many members of your family as you can.

It means taking a deep breath to control your emotions when one (or all) of your children disobey so you don’t blow up at them (and scare them) or laugh (and encourage them).

It means worrying over your child’s cold, when all you have is pesky morning sickness.  Sometimes it means holding a screaming child in one arm, kissing another child’s bump, and making dinner all at the same time, all the while, periodically checking on the third and cleaning up the kitchen.  Sometimes being a Mom means that bodily fluid, coming from your children, just doesn’t phaze you anymore.  You’ve been peed on, pooped on, spit up on, and had a child puke in your lap.  Sometimes being a Mom is the hardest, thankless job in the world and you think, “Why in did I want to do this again?!”

And then those little eyes stare up at you with that silly little grin.

And you remember.

Cleaning up diareah from the bedroom to the bathroom is gross.  Using your hands as a cup to catch puke because you couldn’t think or get anything else at the time, is disgusting.  Disapplining your child is so not fun.  Hearing them screech, hollar, yell, fight, and scream can give you a headache.  But it’s all worth it the moment you hear four little words.

I love you, Mommy!

May God bless your socks off!



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