Ethan: 9 Months

February 25, 2011

Ok, ok, I realize he’s actually going to be 10 months here in a few days.  But I haven’t updated on him in a while… like 7 months… Oof… The curse of being the 3rd child.  What can I say?

Things Ethan can do:

Sit up

“Walk” (holding Mom or Dad’s hands)

Pick up cheerios & get them in his mouth

Sleep generally 8 hours a night (YAY!!!)

Pull socks off feet

Hold his bottle so he can drink on his own

Say, “da da” indiscriminately

Whine or cry to get big brother or sister to give him a toy or pay attention to him.

Complain when a toy is taken away

Eat soft foods & crackers and the like.


Things Ethan can not do:


Say, “ma ma”

Keep a plate on the table

Walk on his own

Use a sippy cup (hates them… but the time will come)


So, we’re still working on some things, but I keep having to remind myself that he will probably be behind on some things only because he was born early.  He really is doing everything he should be.  And the doctor told me not to worry about the crawling issue and that not every child crawls, which was a huge load off my mind.


16.4 pounds

24.25 inches (I think)

I was happy when the nurse said he didn’t get any shots.   Next time though, I know he will 😦

This is a picture I took when I noticed him.  We’d given him his bottle and then went off to do other things.  Some days he prefers to do it himself because he can see more.  Other days we cuddle as he drinks his bottle.

Yes, he is asleep…

Still holding on to the bottle…

No, I don’t try to make this a habit.

May God bless your socks off as He has mine!




February 24, 2011

Brothers just have a special connection.  I don’t know what it is.  Or why.  Honestly, I really don’t care.  I just see it.

That’s not to say that Ethan doesn’t have a connection with Hannah, he does.  It’s just different.

From the very beginning Caleb could get Ethan to laugh, before anyone of us.  When Ethan had his picture taken in the hospital there was one of Caleb kissing him and it looks as if Ethan is laughing at him.

Caleb can get him to calm down when it’s bedtime or rest time and he doesn’t want to sleep yet.  He talks to him (and to himself) and sings to him (and again to himself… he’s 3.)

Sometimes all Caleb has to do is look at Ethan and Ethan’ll start laughing.

Caleb will come running into the kitchen and yell, “Mommy!  I made Ethan laugh!”  And then run back to him and do whatever it was that made him laugh again, just to hear him laugh again.

Sometimes I have to tell him, “I know that made Ethan laugh this time, but if you hit him too hard you’ll make him cry instead.  Let’s try and find another way to make Ethan laugh.”

This is one of those instances that I don’t understand boys.

What is so funny about being smacked in the head with something?

I don’t understand.

Perhaps I should watch the Three Stogies sometime again.

Or perhaps just let them watch it.

Hmm…. Maybe not,  it might give them ideas.

One thing I’ve tried hard to do for Caleb and Hannah is to not push the baby on them, especially at first.  I wait for them to ask me, “Can I hold Ethan?” Oh, I’ll have them get me diapers, wetwipes, pants from the drawers and the like, but I try to ask them if they can sit and play with the baby a second while I go to the bathroom or something.  Since I ask, I take No for an answer.   I love to get pictures of them holding their youngest sibling, but I wait for them.  These pictures weren’t the first of Caleb holding Ethan.  But I love to see them together.  It’s interesting to me because they (whoever they are…) say that kids generally like babies better from birth until they start to crawl.  Caleb has seemed to be the opposite.  He seems to like Ethan better the more mobile he gets.

Of course, Ethan hasn’t gotten into Caleb’s toys yet.

I think that Caleb is excited for someone else to run around the house with…and get into trouble with.

It should make my life interesting, that’s for sure.

May God bless your socks off as He has mine!




Un-Valentines Day – Family date

February 22, 2011

I thought of this title because of Alice in Wonderland.  I figured since they could have a Un-Birthday, I could have a Un-Valentines Day.  We decided that Valentines Day would be more fun, for all of us if we celebrated it after Valentines Day.

Last Thursday (when it got to almost 70, in Iowa, in February!) we had a family-date to celebrate.  First, we had a picture scavenger hunt.  Tim hid the candy and Valentine presents and took a picture of where it was located and the kids had to go and find that spot.  They did very well and had a blast!  We did the kids first and then the kids helped me find my things.  Tim hid  my things up high so they would need my help to find them.  It was so much fun!

After our scavenger hunt we went for a walk.  It was weird for me to have to only wear a light jacket in February!  But, that’s all was needed.  I wish I had brought my camera along with us, but I probably would have forgotten to take pictures anyway.  We had so much fun running along the path, racing the strollers, and chasing whoever was not in the stroller.  It was so nice to be outside!  We all slept well that night.  Halfway through our walk we stopped at Dairy Queen and had dessert first.  It wasn’t planned that way, but that’s what happened just the same.  We split a blizzard and ate it outside.  (I still can’t get over how we could do that in February!  Ugh!)  The kids loved it as we usually don’t let them do that.  After our walk we went and got pizza.  No, the kids really didn’t eat well, they barely ate one piece (one small piece), but it was a special occasion and so neither of us cared much.

When we came home, we started the brownies! We used just a box brownie mix to make them.  You can use the recipe on the box or use applesauce for the oil and egg substitute for the egg like Tim did.  Either way works, and I didn’t taste much difference, especially after we dipped them.

Friday, we finished them.

First freeze the brownie pan for 30 minutes.  (This is supposed to help make the brownies easier to cut.)  Then, we used cookie cutters to cut shapes out.

cut out

Dipthem in chocolate almond bark.



And then we decorated them.

The finished products…

Caleb’s “C”

Hannah’s horse


I have to say these were quite addictive, not that you need an excuse to love brownies.  I also took the left-over brownie after we made our cut outs and cut it in squares and dipped that.  They just didn’t end up as pretty.  I suppose you could do this with any shape and for any holiday.  We did letters for specific people and hearts for Valentines Day.

The frog was just because it reminded me of Valentine’s too.

Don’t ask me why.

I don’t know.  It just did.

May God bless your socks off as He has mine!


Happy Valentines Day

February 14, 2011

Ah, Valentine’s Day.  the day we remember those we love.  At least a day we set aside to remember them.  Although, I think we should do that every day of the year, I do like Valentines Day.

Although, I’ll share a secret.


I love saving money more.

I know, I know.  I’m a cheap-skate.  While I do love the hearts and flowers and candy… oh, the candy!  I love going to the store the day after, or better yet, sending Tim to the store the day after for the same stuff everyone else gets only for half off.

The reason?

Tim can spend, just as much as he would have, on or before Valentines Day and I get twice as much!

So really, it’s a pretty selfish reason.

Honestly, I really don’t care how much he spends on me… just as long as I get chocolate… preferable truffles… Mmm….

Sorry, drooling.

Oh, and a card… like the cards too.

A couple of years ago, around Valentines day Tim picked up a sticky note set that had little pictures and romantic phrazes on them.  I love them!  I find them all over the place.  On the computer, on the car window, on the mirror in the bathroom.  He just peels one off and puts it some place and I gush.  He tells me he puts some thought behind which one he picks, but really, he wouldn’t have to and I’d still gush.  Hannah loves them too.

“Oh!  Mommy!  Daddy left you another note!!!”

Then I have to read the note to her.  And we both sigh…

I left Tim this on the table for when he got home from work.

I love free stuff that still means something.

It made him laugh anyway.  (I’m awful at Scrabble, so he knows I didn’t actually play to do this.)

I love seeing him laugh.

I love his dimples.

We met October 24th, 2000 in Ames, Ia at the Salt Co.

We started dating October 31st, 2000, (via AOL… ah, the old days before facebook…)

Our first date was on December 31st, 2000.  (At least the one that went well… long story)

We were engaged March 19, 2002 at an overlook in Branson, MO.

We were married October 5, 2002, almost 2 years since we met.

And I love him more every day…

Notice how Valentines Day makes people even more mushy?  🙂

I want to be THOSE parents, that their kids say, “Eww… get a room!”  after catching their parents kissing.  (I don’t mean those quick “Good-bye, have a good day” kisses.)

I think I better stop while I’m ahead and go grab my man and give him a big kiss!  I love him so much!!!!

To my best friend…

May God bless your socks off as he has mine!


Valentine’s Sleep-over Party

February 12, 2011

Last night was filled with giggles and I loved it!

Since Valentines Day is on Monday and Hannah has been wanting to invite her friends over, I decided to combine the two and give some of my friends a night off.  Thus the Valentine’s Sleep-over Party was born.

We started the evening by making pizzas, heart shaped, of course.

Making Pizza 001

Making Pizzas 002

Making Pizzas 003

Making Pizzas 004

While we waited for the pizzas to cook, we had heart salad.

“Dessert first?!?” Is what I heard.

“No, no, this is a salad, really.”

“It’s jello!”

“Yup, it’s a jello salad.”

“Jello… salad??”

I’m not sure they got it, but, they were happy, so I guess that’s all that matters.

And the finished product.  This one was Tim’s.  I kept forgetting to get a picture of the others, and his was the last one out.  The kids weren’t quite this big.

After making pizzas, they played a little and then we made Valentine pots.  (There’s a picture later in this post, I forgot to get a picture of them making them, so all you get is the finished product.)  They can be used for holding candy, pencils, flowers, whatever you’d like.  Basically, you paint a terra cotta pot.  Then rip up pieces of tissue paper and glue them to the pot using a paint brush. Really simple, really messy, but really fun to make.

After they were done with the pots, they all got their pj’s on and had a barbiethon.  Then, we painted some toes, read a chapter in Farmer Boy by Laura Ingells Wilder (Sorry bout the spelling), and prayed.  Then it was a marathon of potty breaks and last drinks.  Finally the lights were off and giggles drifted into our bedroom.  It was after 10p when we started cracking down on them to go to sleep.  Although I’m not sure when exactly they went to sleep, it did get quieter.  I think I’m about as mean as a marshmello… Hopefully their parents won’t kill me later today.

I started hearing more giggles and talking a little after 7a this morning.  They even beat Caleb up, which to me, is a feat in and of itself.  So, it was on to breakfast

We had Carmel Apple Sticky Buns…

…heart shaped, of course…

and Fruit Kabobs…

Making cards 001Then we made flower cards.

The finished products:

Overall I think they had fun.

The girls

And just because… I have a few more pictures….

All the girlsAll the girls!

This picture was taken a couple weeks ago but I love his hair in this picture and he was sooo good last night and this morning.  Although, I did find out we have to work on his manners, he loved being the clown for the girls and making them laugh and call him silly.

And last, but not least, Ethan.  Who was also very good last night.  He sat in his chair for a lot longer than normal, as we made the pizzas and the crafts.  He seemed to know that last night was about the girls and having fun and not about him.  It was very nice.

Both boys did a great job.

I’m proud of all the kids that were here last night.  They all did great!

May God bless your socks off as he has me!



February 9, 2011

Boredom can be… well… destructive.  Like when Caleb decided to put toothpaste all over the sink in the bathroom, including inside the drawer.  Or when Hannah decided draw all over her wall with lip-gloss and then later crayon or when she decided she herself needed prettied up… with PEN.


But, it can also be quite amusing and allow one to come up with all sorts of games and stories.  We frequently have races around the house (partially because how else can you get excess energy off when it’s too cold to go outside?).   We build forts, have tea parties, create… whatever it is they create, mop in our socks (that one is so fun!)…

Then last night Caleb came up with a game that caused me to laugh.

All they have is a canning jar ring and a ball.  They were sliding the rings across the floor causing the ball to roll, seeing who went the farthest.  All the toys we have and this is what they were having a ball with (pun intended…hehe…).

May God bless your socks off!



February 5, 2011

Motherhood, in the eyes of my five year old consists of babydolls that only cry when you want them to, baths in the bathroom sink, and feeding of plastic play food once in a great while.

Funny how amazingly complex that is, for a five year old.

In reality, motherhood means so many  more things.  It means that 6 hours is sometimes considered a full nights sleep and then some! Sometimes it means making hard decisions and splitting yourself in half, so that you can be there for as many members of your family as you can.

It means taking a deep breath to control your emotions when one (or all) of your children disobey so you don’t blow up at them (and scare them) or laugh (and encourage them).

It means worrying over your child’s cold, when all you have is pesky morning sickness.  Sometimes it means holding a screaming child in one arm, kissing another child’s bump, and making dinner all at the same time, all the while, periodically checking on the third and cleaning up the kitchen.  Sometimes being a Mom means that bodily fluid, coming from your children, just doesn’t phaze you anymore.  You’ve been peed on, pooped on, spit up on, and had a child puke in your lap.  Sometimes being a Mom is the hardest, thankless job in the world and you think, “Why in did I want to do this again?!”

And then those little eyes stare up at you with that silly little grin.

And you remember.

Cleaning up diareah from the bedroom to the bathroom is gross.  Using your hands as a cup to catch puke because you couldn’t think or get anything else at the time, is disgusting.  Disapplining your child is so not fun.  Hearing them screech, hollar, yell, fight, and scream can give you a headache.  But it’s all worth it the moment you hear four little words.

I love you, Mommy!

May God bless your socks off!