Little Boys Become Men

January 26, 2011

At the title, I know what you’re thinking.


But I’ve been thinking about that for the last week.  Partially because I asked Caleb this question.

“If there was anything you could do, or have, or be, anything at all, what would it be?”

His answer made me melt all over the place with pride and love for this little human who so resembles his daddy.

“I want to help people and then  give them a hug!”  (You have to understand, with Caleb, most everything ends with an exclimation point.  He is so excited to tell you what he thinks.)

But, what I’ve been thinking about is this.  Boys want to be super heros.  They want to save the day and be number one to their mama’s and anyone else they can.  Eventually they want to save their princess and ride happily ever after into the sunset.

So what kind of a man, do I help Caleb and Ethan become?  Even though Caleb is only 3 we’re working on manners.  He loves to hold the door open for me.  The one that’s hard for him is to let his sister go first.  Yesterday we worked on watching out for those who are younger and smaller than you.  I want him to be the boy every parent wants to date their daughter (not that I’m rushing THAT, cause I’m NOT!  Oh, goodness!)  I want him to hold the door open for any lady, offer her his arm, pull their chair out.  I don’t care if the lady is 5 or 50, I want him to be THAT kind of man.

Of course, if I’m going to help him help people, I have to let him.  It’s always good in theory, I know.

“I want to help the world”

But if we don’t do anything, we really aren’t helping, are we?  Really, usually when we say that, we want to help certain people.  Not really everybody.  There are always those we look past on purpose, unless we train our brains not to.  Like that guy by the highway holding the sign that we assume is really not all that hurting.  I figure that it’s easy to say that, until you see them with the sign and it’s -20 out.  Brrr….

Anyway, rabbit trail…

When I look at Tim I see this amazing handsome man, who is my hero.  He’s my prince who really did sweep me off my feet.

I was just sitting here writting this and got a thought.

In order for a man to be a woman’s hero, the woman has to let him.

It’s weird, really.  A hundred years ago, it was expected for the man to “be the man” and to sweep a woman off her feet.  Now, in all the, women aren’t different from men junk, we have to allow ourself to be swept away.  Which means that now I must train my daughter to not only be an independent, free-thinking woman, that can do things on her own.  I also need to teach her to let him open the door for her.  Which really, for me isn’t all that hard.  I like it when Tim opens the door for me and offers me his arm, and tells me how beautiful I am and……..sigh…….

No, he’s not perfect, but he’s all mine.  That’s all I’ll say.  🙂

Anyway, some random thoughts that my beloved three year old gave me by the answer to a spur of the moment question.

I feel like the most blessed woman on the planet right now.

Of course, it’s quiet and Ethan gave me a full nights sleep last night.  The chaos will ensue soon as “rest time” has long since ended… hmm… speaking of which, I hear Ethan.

May your day be blessed and never give up hope on your prince charming (or your damsel in distress)!

May God bless your socks off!



A New Year

January 23, 2011

Okay, so I told myself I would update my blog more frequently back in October… Yeah, uh-huh.  Best intentions… I know.

I have been asked several times to update it.  I guess 3rd time’s a charm (Thanks, Dad!)  🙂


So, I’m going to have pictures of the things we’ve been doing in the months since our last post.  (At least the ones I can find at this moment.  🙂

First, is the cakes I made for Hannah and Caleb.  I am rather proud of them as they came out great.  When we celebrated Caleb’s birthday with Tim’s family in October, I made a lego cake.

Caleb to a tee 2010

(I thought this picture portrayed Caleb’s personality to a T.)

November is a popular month on Tim side of the family as there are 4 birthdays that we celebrate regularly, sometimes 5.  So, I made the girls doll cakes.  They were fun to make although I didn’t make them the traditional way, so it was a little harder.  I didn’t take the legs off the doll, so there are feet poking through the cake.


Now on to December!

On Christmas Eve, Tim took the kids sledding.  I didn’t really want to take Ethan out in the cold, so I didn’t get any pictures of them actually sledding, but I did get a before shot.

The kids also got to play with Daddy’s new toys.  Bucky Balls.  (Magnet balls)

Before bed we opened one gift.  This is a tradition we started when Hannah was a baby.  The kids get to open new pajamas and then they get to put them on.  This lets them open a gift a little “early” and makes it so that they have nice new pajamas for pictures the following morning.

As you can see, Ethan enjoyed the wrapping paper… er, I mean unwrapping the present.  Nah, it was the wrapping paper he enjoyed most.  (By the way, his shirt says, “All Mommy wants for Christmas is a Silent Night.”  (Thanks Mom A) and no, I didn’t get that for Christmas, but almost.)

That being said, he loved the fact that he could play with his feet!

I absolutely love, love, love this picture!  I took it to see if this pose would work for our family picture.

I love it!

Then on Christmas morning we sang “Happy Birthday” to Jesus and had cake (Cinnamon Roll Bread).  Then we do mittens instead of stockings, so we did that next.

Another Christmas tradition that we started when Caleb was born was Christmas crackers.  I just think they’re fun.

We usually open them at dinner, but I had extra, so Tim got some in his mitten.  The kids loved helping him open them.  After we finished with our mittens, we proceeded to go to Stephen’s for breakfast.  We visited my grandparents and gave them their gifts and then went to Mom’s for lunch.  We finally finished the day with supper at our house and then our gifts.  It was a busy day.

God blessed us immensely during 2010.  Yes, there were disappointments and we will always miss Tim’s dad, but God continues to bless us.  Tim got a different job within Rockwell that he enjoys and that will allow him to travel every so often.  Rachel is continuing too learn off of the older wiser women at church.  Hannah is enjoying school and continues to “grow in grace and beauty” to quote Sleeping Beauty.  Caleb keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh.  Ethan was born because God protected him and is growing like a weed; sitting up, eating soft food (forget that baby food stuff, yuck, Mom!).  He rolls and moves around in a circle on his tummy and can now pick up cheerios all by himself!  🙂

Yes, God has indeed blessed us.  I pray that He blesses your socks off too!