Hannah vs. Soccer pt 1

So, we enrolled Hannah in soccer and she was excited… until we got there.  The first week, she wouldn’t even go out on the field.  Although, I think we shot ourselves in the foot when I forgot to give her anything to eat before hand.  (We normally eat at the time that soccer starts.)  The next week went soooooo much better when she got a snack before she played.  We also learned a verse that says, “God is there with you, holding your hand, so don’t be afraid.”  Or something like that.  I need to look it up again.

Last Monday was her first game.  Being that she’s with all 4 and 5 year olds they don’t get real indepth.  They say, this is how you kick the ball, don’t touch it with your hands and that is the goal you’re trying to get the ball into.  Though it was pretty fun to watch as players on both teams tried to kick the ball into their own goal.  Hannah needs a little help.  She didn’t quite understand what exactly she was trying to do.  She would run after the ball on the outskirts… a little too much like her mama, I think.

Here is Hannah’s team the Purple Penguins.

A very excited Hannah.

Giving high fives after the game.  (They lost by the way, 1 – 0)

Everytime gets better.

God bless your socks off!



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