Iowa State Fair

What a month!  Whew!  August is almost over already!

August started off good as we started Hannah with Kindergarten and Caleb with a little Preschool.  Then the next day, my father in law died.  It was expected, but just as hard for Tim and his family.  It’s something that they’re learning to deal with every single day.  Tim describes the feelings like his dad went on vacation and didn’t leave a call back number.  The funeral was the day before my birthday, so this year my birthday stunk.  (However, I did get to go to a waterpark with Tim and the kids, so I guess it wasn’t horribly aweful.)

The next week we went to the Iowa State Fair.  We don’t go every year, but we do like to go often.  We love to go around and see all the animals.  The sheep, chickens, pigs, horses; they even have a small petting zoo and pony & camel rides.  Alas, we didn’t have time for the pony rides, though we did see the baby animals.

My favorite part of the fair is the food!  We dined on corn-dogs, Monkey tails (chocolate covered bananas), cinnamon rolls, chocolate covered cheesecake, and of course, Tim got his favorite.  The famous pork dinner.

Later when we went by the pigs, I felt a little sorry for them.  But not too bad.  🙂  Sorry Wilbur.

Whenever we’re at the fair, we also love to let the kids play in the fountain area.  There’s a place next to the kids playground area that kids love to run through and get wet.  And since we went on a very hot day, it was worth it!

This year we went with a good friend, Nate.  It’s his pictures that I’m using, because while I did find my camera, I forgot to bring it to the fair.  Thanks Nate!

May God bless your socks off!



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