Life Well Spent

This past week, nothing has been going as planned.  But I’ve learned this week that that’s okay.

Tim’s dad is dying of cancer.  He has such a will to live, but his body does not.  Today, he’s still in the hospital recovering from a hard night.  He’s letting go, but slowly, very slowly.  He doesn’t want to give up, even if his body wants to and all of us are saying that it’s okay.  But his time is rapidly running out.  He’s beginning to need blood daily to survive.  We’ve all said our good-byes and so now we’re just waiting.

But it’s made me think.  I’m not afraid to die; I know where I’m going.  But it’s made me think about how I want to live my life.  It’s so easy to get busy and let life pass you by.  Tim’s dad is only 51.  While he knew the cancer may come back, he lived as though it wouldn’t.  Granted, I don’t know his heart.  In some ways I think that it was smart and in other ways, I’m not so sure.  Things like this make you want to hold your kids tighter, breath deeper and enjoy life to the fullest.

People always say, “life is short”; but I think it doesn’t sink in until someone you love or are close to dies or goes through something traumatic.  We fill our lives with stuff, instead of people.  This week I’ve been learning that without Christ the road ahead is worth nothing.  I have a hope and a future.  It’s only with Christ that I can live a life well spent.


One Response to Life Well Spent

  1. Susan Leaf says:

    You are 100% on track that a life lived with Christ is the only way to live. The other way is a road no one should travel. We are praying for you and Tim and his family. Hang in there. We are only a phone call away. Love you all.
    Mom2 & Pappy

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