Before and After

This week in Flylady ( we are in the master bedroom.  It has been since before Ethan was born that I was really able to clean the bedroom.  Vacuum?  I don’t even remember the last time.  So I thought I’d surprise Tim, who really loves the bedroom clean, with cleaning it today.  So, after putting Ethan down for his morning nap, I tackled it.  I had lots of energy as Ethan gave me about 8 1/2 hours of sleep last night (one 5hr, one 3 1/2hr).


Never knowing exactly how long Ethan was going to sleep, I allowed myself only a couple small breaks.  Three hours later, with a couple of he did/she did arguments and making lunch, I have a nice clean bedroom.


I do agree with Tim, I love a nice clean, picked up room.  Not perfect, but lots better.  I still intend to clean the carpet, but that can wait for another day.  Now, 15 minutes a day of upkeep, can help me to keep it this way.

May God bless your socks off!



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