Day camp part 2!

Today was different in sooo many ways.  The first in being that I had to wake Hannah up this morning.  She was more confident today, and very little of the timidity there was yesterday.  She walked right into her room without a backward glance,  and started telling her councilor about her shirt.

I was also able to get a picture of Hannah and Mackenzie, thanks to Mackenzie’s mommy.

So after a quick stop at the Dollar Tree with Celeste and Reagan.  Caleb, Ethan and I were off to Thomas Park to try out the new equipment there.

I think Caleb would have spent the entire time in the sandbox or on the “big kids” playground (rather than the playground for his size).  The sand box, I didn’t mind so much.  There were a lot of big kids at the park today.  So I tried to keep him in the smaller kid area.

And now my favorite picture of the day, so far!  Caleb and I showing off our “camp” t-shirts!

And now, just because, a picture of Ethan.

Here are some pictures of what Hannah did during Day Camp.  (I got them off the church’s website… they took them… obviously)

First they went in and had a group time with songs and a lesson.

They did crafts.

They had snacks & lunch and a rest time with a movie.

They played games and finally played in the water (including that water-slide in the background!) before getting picked up.  Tonight, I picked up a very happy and VERY wet Hannah.  I’m glad she had so much fun.  I asked her if she wanted to do Day Camp again next year and she said a resounding, “YES!!”

May God bless your socks off!



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