Day camp part 1!

Hannah has been excited about her first ever day camp since I told her I had signed her up three months ago!  This morning I woke up at 6:30 to see the light of the hall bathroom streaming through the crack in our doorway.  Looking just beyond that I could see Hannah’s open door.  This child of mine, who is rarely up before 8am, was in the bathroom getting ready for her day.  She was dressed and had her bed made by the time I was out of my shower at 7am.   Again, that never happens.  Every 15 minutes from 7 to 8:30 she asked if it was time to leave yet.

As we were leaving, I started singing the backpack song from Dora the Explorer to remind Hannah to bring hers, when she asked me, “Mommy do I have a map?”  (For those who don’t watch Dora, Dora has a backpack that also happens to have a map that she uses in every show.)  I laughed and said “No, but your backpack has everything you need for day camp!”

On the way over I asked her if she was excited.  And she simply said, “Yes.” (Duh!)

Upon arriving at church, she asked, “Is this where day camp is?”  Evidentally, I had forgotten to explain where it would be taking place when I was telling her how much fun she was going to be having.  After some confusion, Hannah and her backpack was safely in her classroom, awaiting her best friend, Mackenzie and the official start of day camp.  As I left her in her classroom, took Caleb by the hand and Ethan’s carrier on my arm, I was struck with a thought.  “Is this what it would be like if Hannah were to go to Kindergarten in a public school?”  I felt nervous and excited at the same time for her and yet a little sad.  My baby girl is growing up and stretching her wings.  I know she was nervous, but I also know that having Mackenzie there helped a lot.

Caleb wanted to go to his day camp too.  So we did some special things, just he and I.  We went and bought undershirts and paint and made “camp” t-shirts.  While at the store I let him pick out some legos and we put them together.  For lunch we had chicken nuggets and french fries.  Tomorrow, we’ll do some more fun stuff.

This afternoon, while Caleb had rest time, Hannah got to play in the water.  They had a waterslide and Hannah couldn’t wait to try out her goggles.

When I went to go and get Hannah at the appointed time, she saw me and started crying.  She had had so much fun she didn’t want to leave.  And, evidently, she thought that because she brought her sleeping bag and pillow that she was going to stay overnight and was upset that she could not.  Only when she calmed down did I get to hear about how much fun she had.  For as introverted as Hannah is, she is also quite ready to take new things head on, especially when there is fun to be had.

May God bless your socks off!



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