Wow! Has it been a while!

I, Rachel, totally forgot we even had a blog. Reading others has got me iching to take to it again. Have I ever had to update! Especially since the last post was of Hannah before she was a year old!

Hannah is now a big girl at 4 1/2 years old! We are currently planning on homeschooling her. While all her other cousins her age, are planning on going to Kindergarten this fall, her birthday falls after the cut – off date. But, we’re going to do Kindergarten anyway. Right now, even though most of her friends are also home-schooled, she’s asked me when she gets to go to school too. It’s something that’s hard for me to answer because I don’t know. We’re taking this homeschooling journey one year at a time. If ever we feel as though God wants us to put them in public school, we will. But, we’ll cross that road when we get to it. In the mean time, I am excited for the school year to begin, which for us, will begin August 2. This year should be relatively easy for her as we’re just repeating what we did last year. Last year I decided to try the Kindergarten curriculum I have and see what she could do. She surpassed my expectations and at the end was even reading some words! However, I don’t think she’s ready for the amount of work and time the 1st grade curriculum requires, so we’re repeating the Kindergarten one to get what we might have missed and have a strong hold on the basics.

Caleb was born Sept. 25, 2007. He is my big boy of 2 1/2. Man, it seems like only yesterday he was born. Now he’s almost caught up to Hannah. He’s 3 inches shorter and about 3 pounds lighter than Hannah. And he’s even the same shoe size! Right now we’re working on potty training. Some days he does great, however, he’s not to the point where he’s telling me he has to go potty. So, if I don’t tell him to go, he doesn’t. We’re planning on starting preschool this year with him. Nothing major, colors, shapes, and numbers only a couple days a week. (I learned my lesson when trying to do preschool with a then 2 year old Hannah.) Caleb is all boy and I find it necessary to have him run and play outside or he gets a bit wild. Something this Mommy is still learning how to deal with.

Ethan was born via emergency c-section on April 28th of this year due to no amniotic fluid and

little movement. After he was born it was found that he had a tight knot in his cord and that the cord was wrapped around his neck three times. I call him my miracle baby. I had been noticing lack of movement, but chalked it up to him growing bigger and not having enough space to move around. At 3lbs 13 oz, that was not the case. The knot was making it (so they think) so that he got little or no nourishment or oxygen. He spent one day with an oxygen “hood” and a week on an oxygen tube. But other than that, he only needed to learn to eat. Now at over 10 pounds he’s almost tripled his weight. Now, if he could only learn to sleep through the night, Mommy would be more than happy! (Daddy too as he takes the 2am feeding. Isn’t he the best Daddy in the world?!) Either way, we take one day at a time.

In other updates: Tim’s dad is continuing his battle with cancer. He now has bone and brain cancer. Neither, so they say, can kill you. However, they do make the body weak and it’s very painful. It weakens the body so that if he fell the right way, he’d break bones and a cold would probably kill him. At this point, I would ask prayer for comfort, rest, and peace for him and his entire family. We’ve told Hannah that Grandpa is sick from the beginning and lately we’ve had to have conversations about him going to be with Jesus and what will happen when he dies. We plan to take her to the visitation, but not to the funeral itself. It’s hard to talk about dying and it’s never pleasant to think about our loved ones dying. But dying is a reality all of us will deal with.

We try to be upfront and talk about everything that happens. In July of 2009, I miscarried at 8 weeks along and we talked about that with the kids. Both knew that Mommy was sad. Hannah knows that her baby sister Kaitlyn is in heaven with Jesus and I think it comforts her to know that Grandpa will go and be with her there. I’m not sure how much Caleb understands. Probably more than we give him credit for.

This weekend Tim and “the big kids” are in Des Moines. They visited Grandpa in the hospital today and tomorrow they’re going to Adventureland. They’ve never been and I’m excited for the kids. Hannah’s not tall enough to ride any major “thrill” rides, but they have lots of other rides they can ride. Ethan and I decided to stay home this weekend. So far, I’ve cleaned half the kitchen and most of the Living Room. I’ve also watched a movie and talked to friends. I haven’t gotten most of what I wanted to accomplish, but that’s okay. Tomorrow is another day.

May God bless your socks off! – Rachel


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