Hannah is getting big!

July 18, 2006

Hannah is almost 8 months now. There have been a lot of things happening here and we’re almost too busy to write. I’m sure everyone just wants to see pictures so I’ll keep this brief.

These are Hannah’s 6 month studio pictures.
Hannah at 6 months Hannah at 6 months

These next two were taking the same weekend we went sailing on the Mississippi.

Grandpa feeding Hannah Hannah in her Grandpa's lap

On July 4th Hannah got a real surprise. We went to Galena for the day and then watched an airplane show in Dubuque. Hannah was so scared by all the noise. Especially the B-1 bomber just below the sound barrier.  It even hurt my ears.  Later that night she got to enjoy fireworks on the television. She was so surprised. The second picture is with her Great Aunt Rayma.
Hannah watching fireworks Aunt Rayma holding Hannah

Hannah has sure been playing around. Getting messy, learning how to feed herself, ride a motorcycle and even how to turn on the light switch.
Hannah in her Valentine's day outfit Hannah is very messy Hannah's having too much fun eating Hannah learning to ride a motorcycle Hannah finds the light switch


Bizarre stuff in the news

July 18, 2006

Strange stuff always seems to happen these days. Here’s a few news clipping I found in the last few weeks.
Apes given civil rights in Spain
Man rides his rollerblades too fast
People are worshiping a monkey man
Rockwell Collins employee get arrested

Feel free to leave some feedback for this, perhaps some links you have found.